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Conversion of Private Limited Company to Public Limited Company

A Private Limited company can anytime convert itself to a Public Limited Company voluntarily. To convert a Private Limited Company into a Public Limited Company following procedure neeed to be followed;

1. Change of name ; The company must pass a special resolution to change the company name by obtaining the approval from the Central Government. Approval of ROC is not necessary if only change in the name is the removal of word private from the name.

2. Alteration of Articles ; Articles of Association need to be altered to remove the restriction of the private limited company, Minimum Authorized share capital to be Rs. 5 Lakhs,Alter the minimum no. of directors to be 3 and members to be 7.

3. Conversion of Company ; File necessary documents and information with the registrar in prescribed form and with priscribed fee. The registrar if satisfied will convert the company into public limited and will issue a fresh certificate of incorporation.

Private LTD. to Public LTD.

For the purpose of Converteing Private LTD. to Public LTD.

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